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Why choose Tools 4 talking?

  • It's a caring, high quality speech and language therapy service that can be brought to you
  • Expertise in a wide range of communication difficulties
  • Positive feedback from parents and schools
  • Development of personalized programmes that meets your child’s needs
  • Reliable and immediate therapy
  • Experienced in working collaboratively with health and educational professionals
  • Comprehensive training for both education and parents

How do I know my Speech and Language Therapist is registered?
Since October 2000 all Speech and Language Therapists have to be a member of the Health Professionals Council. Frances can show this document when she visits you, as well as CRB clearance and data protection authority documentation.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?
1-2 weeks generally.

Where will my child be seen?
Most children will be seen at the therapist's base but home, nursery and school visits are readily available.

As a school could we look to employ your services directly?
Yes. Feel free to contact to discuss how Tools 4 talking services might be of help to you.

I am seeing an NHS speech and language therapist. Can I see you as well?
Yes. The RCSLT guidelines endorse collaborative practice and so you can choose to use an independent SLT whilst on the waiting list, attend both independent and NHS simultaneously or opt-out of the NHS.

Will you liaise with other professionals?
I will ask you to sign a written consent form before liaising with other professionals. Working collaboratively with education and health often achieves maximum success.

Can I pay through my insurance?
Yes you can, but you need to check with your insurance company and GP first. Frances is also a recognised BUPA consultant. Contact her for more details.